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This project seeks enthusiastic cooperation from a wide variety of stakeholders and partners in the Indian performing arts community to realize this research project. We would love to hear from individual practitioners, collectives, institutions, venues and other organizations. There are many different ways you can contribute to the project, take a look below!

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Case Study

Invite us to undertake an in-depth interview with your organization to help you identify, formulate and institute your safety practice, as well as contribute to the final research outcomes.

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Safety Audit

Bring us to conduct a safety audit for your team. This includes a review of your safety procedure, policies, reporting mechanisms and more.

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Invite us to conduct a personalized workshop for your organization around building safe spaces, having difficult conversations, and creating safety protocols, among other focus areas.

Kaivalya Plays conducting an improv theatre for mental health workshop at the Oddbird Thea

Safety Survey

Tell us about your experiences with safety in the performing arts. Fill our 5-minute online questionnaire and join the conversation.

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Collaborate with us to disseminate this research project across the length and breadth of the Indian performing arts community, to diversify the scope of this research and its outcomes.


Contribute A Resource

Contribute to the project's resource library by sharing a resource related to arts safety. Blogs, templates, podcasts and more – everything is useful!

Get In Touch

We'd love to hear from you! Write to one of the team members or send us a message on the Contact page.

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