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Contribute A Resource

The end outcome of this research supports the creation of a publicly accessible resource library containing safety checklists, guidelines, contracts and templates that can then be used by any practitioners and group in India to kickstart a conversation about safety for their practitioners and projects, as well as use these resources as a starting point to implement these practices in their immediate setting.

Below, you can find a form to submit any resources you have. Feel free to share a wide-ranging type of resources, you never know what might be useful for someone else!

Submit a resource

Add the name of the owner/publisher of the resource.

Add as many roles here as possible (comma separated): Actor, Director, Venue, Choreographer, Audience

Add in the format MONTH YEAR. For eg 'May 2011'

Add a link to the resource, ideally on its owners/publishers website. Alternatively upload a publicly shareable link (Google Drive / Dropbox etc)

Give a 1-2 line description of the resource and what it contains

If you'd like to be credited for adding this resource to the platform, please share your details.

Thanks for sharing this resource and contributing to the safety conversation in the arts. We are reviewing your submission and will make it live on the 'Resources' section shortly.
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