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Safety in the Performing Arts in India

A research project that seeks to enquire into the aspects of physical, mental and legal safety and wellbeing for individual practitioners like actors, directors, facilitators and designers, among others, in their own practice or as part of a larger collective, in India.

This project is implemented by India Foundation for the Arts (IFA), under the Arts Research programme, made possible with support from BNP Paribas India.

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About The Research

This research project focuses on investigating existing practices, patterns and problems, and lack thereof, in the context of safety in the performing arts from the lens of individual practitioners working with formal or quasi-formal theatre groups, collectives and institutions. It advocates for safety as a continuous, highly personalized practice that is neither a one-size-fits all approach nor a set of rigid never-evolving rules, but something that is contextual and personalized to the needs of the individual practitioner or the group.

Contribute To The Research

Have something to add to the conversation about safety?


Fill up our short survey now and share it with others in the arts.


The survey takes 5-10 minutes to fill out and is completely anonymous. You can provide your contact details if you'd like to be contacted further for the research and stay updated on its progress.

Meet The Team

This research project was initiated by Kaivalya Plays, a Delhi-based performing arts and production company, in 2021. This project is undertaken by Varoon P. Anand, Artistic Director of Delhi-based performing arts and production company Kaivalya Plays, as the lead researcher. He is supported by Ankita Mathur on data analysis and Gaurav Singh on digital documentation of the project.

Get Involved

Bring us to your arts institution, collective, venue or team.

Case Study

Invite us to undertake an in-depth interview with your organization to help you identify, formulate and institute your safety practice, as well as contribute to the final research outcomes.


Invite us to conduct a personalized workshop for your organization around building safe spaces, having difficult conversations, and creating safety protocols, among other focus areas.


Collaborate with us to disseminate this research project across the length and breadth of the Indian performing arts community, to diversify the scope of this research and its outcomes.

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